Dr Pranjal Deka


Dr Pranjal Deka graduated in Medicine from India in 2003, and worked in many hospitals, primarily in Emergency and Trauma, General Medicine, General Surgery & Orthopaedics.

After arriving in Australia in 2013 he has worked in various Medical Specialities including the Emergency Department, Obstetrics and Gynaecology & Paediatrics before commencing his Physician training in 2015. During these years Dr. Deka has worked in various hospitals across Australia and has a very good understanding of country life and community bonding.

Dr Deka has since been selected for General Practice training and is excited to work in a Regional General Practice where he can apply his Medical expertise and provide care to the community. In addition, Dr Deka, has a special interest in skin conditions, minor procedures, cosmetic medicine and management of chronic diseases.

He lives in Wodonga with his wife and their young toddler and is very interested in sports, especially badminton, soccer, cricket and tennis. Dr Deka is an actor and is also involved in directing many plays in the community.