The principals of the new Daintree Medical Centre include three doctors who have worked in various types of health services and have taken the best practices from those experiences in developing their new facility. Dr Thant Syn and his wife Aimee Syn along with Dr Alfeen Varghese and her husband Dr Ajit Varghese are the four principals of Daintree and will take an active part in running the Medical Centre. Dr Thant Syn and Dr Alfeen Varghese are the leading General Practitioners while Dr Ajit Varghese is the Business Director and Aimee Syn will take on an Administrative role.

All four arrived on the Border six years ago and they decided that it was an ideal place to live and work. However, they came to the conclusion that a better service could be provided to their clients and had a vision for a locally operated medical facility with the primary focus on family based medical care.

The principals wanted to contribute to the local community and hence started to develop the concept of a new purpose-built facility that could provide holistic health care.